Welcome to the Journeyman Brewer Academy

Great news! The Journeyman Brewer Academy has partnered with Dallas College.

Dallas College will be a great partner for the Journeyman Brewer program as well as the Technical Brewer program. This will provide us with great opportunities to expand current classes, and to further develop new courses which will be rolled out over time.

Your brewing and malting journey begins here. Our Academy provides first-class education combined with state-of-the-art brewing technology and science that will transform your brewing concept into a profitable reality.

Brewing beer is an art, a craft and a science. It takes highly skilled and educated people in Management and Operations to consistently brew high quality beers in an efficient way. Education, quality ingredients and the right equipment will yield consumer demand for a superior product.

At Journeyman Brewer Academy we firmly believe in education. There is no substitution for knowledgeable and educated professional craftsmen and craftswomen doing what they do best.

Or contact us at: 682 999 9342 to learn more. Come join us, I am looking forward to seeing you at Dallas College!
~Peter Boettcher, Master Brewer – Six Sigma Black Belt


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Journeyman Brewer Academy has been a success since 2015! Over 200 students have graduated from the academy as Journeymen Brewers advancing and embarking on their professional career, or own dream to craft and market beer. Our placement rate is over 98% with students often hired by breweries while still completing their education.