About Us

Journeyman-Brewing-Academy-LogoI founded and developed the Journeyman Brewer program more than 8 years ago.

We have had more than 200 students so far successfully graduating and proudly calling themselves Journeyman Brewer, a record we are delighted with!

One of the reasons I’ve developed this program was because for the need of breweries to have highly educated talent at the front line of operations. The “Brewer” is the backbone of any brewery, small or large.

At the Journeyman Brewer Academy we provide fundamental knowledge in brewing science and technology, including hands on internship experience at participating breweries across the nation. There are no fillers in our programs, we deliver straight up in-depth education in brewing.

Our two main courses are the Journeyman Brewer Certification course and the advanced Technical Brewer course. Both courses are offered online.

Crafts person: Brewer
A crafts person in professional brewing is different than a self-taught home brewer.

A crafts person is an educated professional who has learned the trades from the ground up, both in theory and in practice, and demonstrated that he or she has the knowledge and possess the skills necessary to work in an industry.

It takes a real education
Brewing Classes should only be thought by an accredited, bona fide Brewmaster (or PHD, Professor, Diploma Brewmaster, Brewing Engineer, Technical Brewer, etc.) Brewing science and technology should never be taught by a non-Brewer/Brewmaster.


About Your Instructor

Master Brewer, founder and instructor, Peter Boettcher, holds a degree in Brewing Science and is a certified trainer of brewers from the Doemens World Brewing Academy.

After a 2 ½ yearlong internship at the Ganter Brewing Company in Freiburg, Peter went on studying at the University of Weihenstephan and graduated at Doemnes World Brewing Academy in Munich/Germany.

With more than 30 years as an award winning Master Brewer with a proven track record of success in Leadership position, including positions at MillerCoors, Pacific Western Brewing Company, Abita Brewing Company and Expert Consulting work with international projects for the European Union and with ABInBev, Peter is highly qualified to teach brewing technology and science to students who want to enter or excel in the brewing industry.

Peter will teach each of the classes personally!

Peter says “What is unique about the Journeyman Brewers program is that it is tailored to the brewers and operators working in the industry. It is based on the dual system where you combine theoretical knowledge with practical hands on working experience. This course is also ideal for passionate home-brewers who seek to get their foot into the door of professional brewing industry and at the same time remains relevant to current brewery personnel.”

Brewing is a science, an art, a craft and an industry!

Cheers Peter Boettcher
Master Brewer – Instructor – Six Sigma Black Belt