I started the Journeyman Brewer program in 2015. We have had more than 200 students successfully graduates, proudly calling themselves now Journeyman Brewer! A record we are delighted with! The Journeyman Brewer placement rates is at over 98%. Lot’s of students get hired by breweries while they are still in class.

Testimonies of Former Students

Jon Vance Quality Assurance at Altstadt Brewery Fredericksburg, TX: “I took the Journeyman Brewer Class with Peter, this was the best thing I have ever done. It put me solid into professional brewing and I’m loving it.”

Benjamin Morgan Brewing and Cider Operations at Pivot Brewing Company: “Peter, I still quote you to my crew, with much respect.”

Curtis Caldwell: Brewer at Legal Draft Brewing Company, TX: “The Journeyman program is a comprehensive overview of grain to glass from someone who has worked at every conceivable level including malting that will prepare you for beginning your new career.”

Samuel D. Boatright, Community Brewing Dallas,TX: “Peter thank you for everything you did, I really enjoyed your class, right to the point, I’ve learned so much, it was great.”

Testimonies From Breweries

49th State Brewing Company Alaska: We would like to thank you for your services and training you have provided us the past couple of months. Our team has enjoyed their interaction with you and we have seen improvements in our quality with your suggestions.

Stable Craft Brewery Virginia: “We hired Peter in 2017 to consult with our brewery operations. The disciplines, range of knowledge and ability to aptly make and assist with recommendations led to goal arching successes from selecting new brewing equipment, enrolling our brewers in JBA and to making great beer.”

CANARCHY – Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Dallas, TX: Solid supporter of the Journeyman Brewer program, employing multiple Journeyman Brewer in production and operations.

Klaus Brewing Company, Houston, TX: Thomas Lemke Brewmaster Klaus Brewing Company Houston, TX: “My education as a Journeyman Brewer has enabled me to excel in my field. Peter was great as a teacher and mentor!”

Participating Breweries

Breweries that are supporting, participating and have been participating in the program, just to name a few:

  • Cowtown Brewing Company Fort Worth, TX
  • Martin House Brewing Company Fort Worth, TX
  • Texas Ale Project Dallas, TX
  • Oak Highlands Brewery, TX
  • Lakewood Brewing Company, TX,
  • Four Corner Brewing Company Dallas, TX
  • Sigma Brewing TX Hustoun, TX
  • Prost Brewing Company Colorado
  • Cycler Brewing Company Hustoun, TX
  • Flying Fish Brewing Company, NJ
  • Red Gab Brewing Company Austin, TX
  • Hop & Sting Brewery Grapevine, TX
  • Shiner Brewing Company Shiner, TX
  • And many more!